No.1 Warehouse Tour

1 hour 45 mins / £85.00


Dip two casks. Bottle your favourite.

Like all our tours, we’ll welcome you with a taste of the Glengoyne 12 Year Old and an incredibly in-depth tour of the distillery. But where others look through the locked iron gates of Warehouse No.1, we take you behind them, armed with a dipping dug – a traditional whisky sampler.

A sample, a taste, a choice

You’ll plunge the dug into two casks – a first fill bourbon barrel and a first fill sherry cask – and draw two healthy drams. You’ll then head to the Sample Room to explore every nuance of the drams –swirling, nosing and tasting your way to find the one you love best.

Back in the warehouse, you’ll draw 200ml from your favourite cask. We’ll put it in a signature Glengoyne bottle for you to take home – an extremely limited release, cask strength Highland Single Malt.

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