Glengoyne Cask Strength

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Cask Strength Glengoyne Single Malt Scotch Whisky

70cl 58.7% Vol

Digestive biscuits, ripe bananas and a hint of pepper. This is the taste of Scotland’s slowest distillation, bottled as tradition insists: at cask strength, un-chillfiltered. Like every Glengoyne, the amber hue is created by time and oak, nothing more.

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The Glengoyne range has a vibrant fruity character across the board with delightful purity in every sip, whether it’s light and refreshing or deep and rich. The casks impart complexity and depth as the whiskies gently develop with age.

Olly Smith

Awards for Glengoyne Cask Strength

Glengoyne Tasting Notes Cask Strength

Tasting Notes


Amber gold.


Warm baked custard, peppered strawberries, digestive biscuits, soft oak and a short sherbet tingle.

Initial taste:

Thick rosehip syrup, Demerara sugar developing into a spicy, gooseberry dryness. Wonderful balance, nothing dominates.

After Water:

Intensified syrup and green fruits.


Very long.


This is over 100 Proof, but you'd never know it.